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Going Digital-12 months on

So now, Twelve months on, how am I getting on? What apps have I ended up using? Well here’s a link to all what I have on there the moment warts n all: http://applist.me/bINUD5

From the list, these are the packages that I am using daily in my work life:

This is the single most important centralised storage connector that makes everything else possible. Without it, I would be reduced to copying files from iTunes and a huge drop in iPad productivity

DropDAV (Limited):
Using DropDav to WebDAV connect to Dropbox via Pages… See here how to do it.

Where would I be without GoodReader? It would take a whole posting to tell you all the features and then I’d miss some but essentially using it as another way to get Files between Dropbox and the iPad. Using the sync feature, I keep a copy of a subset of my Dropbox files for local access. Also using it for reading and annotating PDF’s

This is the only Apple App I have bought. I haven’t had a need to create a spreadsheet or presentation on the fly so far. With the WebDAV access to Dropbox enabled, essential to my iPad arsenal.

Essential for taking notes during meetings, this works like some of those smartpens that record what’s going on as well as keeping track of what is being written. This app mimics that and tapping on some typed text will play back the audio of the conversation at that point… Now if I can get an audio to text convertor to finish off the notes production, that will ve perfect.

My most recent purchase. One of the areas I have been searching for since day one has been to get a decent presenter app. I tried looking for something that I could use wirelessly and started of trying to use MightyMeeting with mixed resutlts. Then I stumbled on 2Screens; OK! So I have to be tethered to a projector but it does come with an iPhone app called 2Screen Remote which connects via Bluetooth to control the scrolling of the presented. It also has the bonus of being able to showcase web pages too.

It goes without saying that Mail is invaluable both for work and personal use…

Training Videos
With access to Lynda.com and the App, Online courses are nice to view on the screen and taken anywhere to watch them.

For News and keeping up with Current Tech:
I use a mix of specific apps namely BBC News, Mashable, ZDNET UK, iReddit, But more and more I gather these news items in Flipboard, Zite and HitPad which are all great for reading up to date news

I am using: MyPad for Facebook access and the Twitter app for Twitter.

For all the blogging I am doing I am using a combination of the WordPress App and Blogsy (which I recommended recently – see article here).

Basic Photo Editing
To assist with basic Graphics editing, a combination of Draw Pro HD, PS Express and Adobe Ideas help with cropping and editing screen shots for uploading.

In my personal life:

I am trying to use less paper by buying online magazines with mixed results. The T3 and Wired apps I have had most success with as the MacUser and HowItWorks are getting there slowly. Comic books are the same…. Think I’ve got all the major apps downloaded again with mixed results.

Books I just don’t read on the iPad, more likely to use the iPod Touch for that and the same goes for Audio books from Audible.


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