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Recent Tech articles – 6th-12th June

Last week there was a quiet hum going on in the Tech World. It wasn’t as if there was nothing going on, it was just that a lot of the Journalists were either at the WWDC or at E3.

The E3 covers consumer electronics so other than to mention that the New Playstation Vita and the Nintendo Wii U shows us the advancement of new tech, I’m not covering it here, I will however make mention of the WWDC and you can read my overview and underlying posts on that starting here…. There is more in depth coverage of the main highlights of Lion, OS5 and iCloud too. It wasn’t mentioned in the original post but it’s worth mentioning that us here in the UK are just going to have to wait for iCloud to fully come to us as the record labels over here have yet to settle on a deal…

Moving on to social media, Twitter announced that they were gong to be providing their own link shortening service for the Twitter web service… No announcement for third-party applications. Once again Facebook this week was in trouble again this week over privacy issues when it was announced (quietly), that facial recognition would be promoting tag suggestions on your photos.

More Apple news with more on the Lodsys patent suit where developers bite back and Apple tries to get in between them an Lodsys. Also, Apple settles with Nokia over long standing patent infringements.

An article and video worth watching on the BBC Click website is about concerns that schools and universities are not teaching the basic programming skills that are required and the introduction of a £15 tiny PC on a circuit board called Rasberry Pi… Thanks to Daniel for that one… See it here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/9503255.stm

I’ll close out this week with a Mac app for you to look over, iTerm2 is a feature rich terminal app. If you spend time at the command line on Mac, it’s well worth it.


WWDC 2011 highlights – iCloud

I’ve mentioned Lion and IOS 5 already but there is one major announcement left to mention and that is iCloud, a long-anticipated and much-rumoured over addition to the Apple family. Ever since Apple bought over LaLa and started building their data center in North Carolina, people have speculated about how Apple would make use of these resources… Speculate no more for now we have the answers.
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WWDC 2011 highlights – IOS 5

With around 200 new features added on top of what is already available in IOS, version 5 of Apples leading mobile OS is looking really impressive from how the keynote describes it. The feeling amongst those who have already got their hands on a copy is that it hangs together well. The rest of us have to wait until Autumn to find out which was the date given out for the general release.
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WWDC 2011 highlights – Apple OSX 10.7 – LION

There was a lot in Lion that a lot of people knew about , there are a lot of machines out there with the developer edition already sitting there as their secondary boot partition or (hush now) Hackintosh setup. Just to recap, this means greater integration with the Mac App Store, full screen support for applications (works like it would on an iPad) and a heavy use of multi-touch gestures. Lion also introduces the Launchpad, an iPad-like home screen with rows of icons or groups for launching apps and Mission Control which enhances what is currently Spaces and Expose
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What happened at the WWDC 2011? Keynote highlights

It was almost like there was no other tech news. It seemed like every tech journalist had gone on holiday at once… Why was this? Probably because everyone who was anyone in the technology world was at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2011 to see what Steve Jobs was going to say about Lion, IOS5 and the much anticipated iCloud.
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