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Recent Tech articles – 30th May-05th Jun

In is past week we start of with news that flows over from the previous week. To start we have seen more news about the MacDefender malware. First we heard that the Trojan had moved over onto attacking through Facebook profiles using the Clickjacking technique. Then Apple finally released the security update to removed old infections and prevent new ones… It was worked around in 8 hours… Since then nothing.

Also from the previous week, Lodsys crawled back into the news by retaliating over Apples letter by bringing forward their litigation timing to 31st May instead of waiting the 21 days originally given.

Moving into this week, Lockheed Martin reported a serious hack attempt on their systems. This prompted both UK and US governments to raise their objectives towards cyber crime,

Shortly after Google announces that they are introducing a new service this summer called Google Wallet… Then gets sued by Paypal shortly after.

At the D9 conference at All things Digital this week, CEO of Twitter, Dick Costello announced some new Twitter enhancements to search and photo. He talked about how they were enhancing their search facility and were releasing a new feature to allow users to upload photos and attach it to a tweet right from

My final article from this week was on buttons… It seems this week that the Internet has gone button crazy with Twitter, Google and LinkedIn talking about their offerings.


Is the Internet going button crazy?

When Facebook initially launched it’s Like button, no-one was really sure how it was going to work out… Would it be a fad that would fade away or be a runaway success? It would seem that the latter option was the one to come true and around a year later they have gone on to incude the addition of their Send button to allow sharing of Facebook Group information too.

Now others are starting to take notice of this success and looking to replicate if for their own domains. This week, Google and Twitter released their own options and then LinkedIn added their own variant to allow employers to add a “Apply with LinkedIn” button.
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News from this weeks E-G8

This week there was a gathering of technology experts in Paris at the request of President Sarkozy. It was named the E-G8 with the findings of the forum to be presented to the G8 summit later on in the week. Did anyone hear very much about it? It was pretty quiet on the news front. On the tech front, Leo Laporte from the Twit.TV network was due to attend but a family emergency prevented him from attending. Jeff Jarvis attended in his stead. Cory Doctorow was invited to attend but declined the invitation feeling that the conference was loaded against open-ness from the outset.
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